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Bell leads the way on Future Vertical Lift by focusing on lethality, sustainability and reach. The V-280 Valor offers over twice the speed and range of the current vertical lift fleet for FLRAA. The 360 Invictus combines proven low-risk technologies with advanced systems for FARA. Bell’s solutions will help the Army stay ahead of America’s threats. Learn More

Great Power competition demands rapid application of IT and engineering for a technological advantage. With proven expertise that spans hardware to software, Leidos accelerates decision-making for the warfighter for superior performance and protection. Find out how we put our high tech on a mission to help the joint force achieve multi-domain dominance. Learn More

Epirus delivers directed energy weapons that enable unprecedented counter-electronics capabilities. Epirus’ flagship product – Leonidas – provides a tactical form factor C-UAS weapon capable of swarm defeat with increased standoff distances, speed of light engagements and the absence of issues with magazine depth and capacity. Learn More


Verizon understands that defense agencies have missions that matter. Our customers continue to rely on our decades of experience in delivering the networks and the technology that help make government work. Learn more

Your government agency is driven to make life better for citizens and ServiceNow is committed to making work, work better for people. Our cloud-based platform consolidates outdated IT systems, leverages data, and delivers automated, digital workflows that create great experiences for users. Learn More

ManTech provides mission-focused technology solutions and services for U.S. defense, intelligence community and federal civilian agencies. We excel in full-spectrum cyber, data collection & analytics, enterprise IT, systems and software engineering solutions that support national and homeland security. Learn More

Panasonic delivers nextgeneration technology solutions, like the TOUGHBOOK® N1 Tactical EUD, that are purpose-built and mission-ready, delivering seamless and real-time communications to our armed forces. As the only major manufacturer that designs, builds and tests its mobile devices in its own factory, Panasonic is able to monitor quality control and consistency every step of the way. Learn more


Rheinmetall has an enduring record of delivering defense solutions marked by precision, advanced technology and leap ahead innovation. Built on this foundation, American Rheinmetall Defense delivers next-gen capabilities addressing today’s highest modernization priorities to ensure our military achieves lasting overmatch on the battlefield. Learn More

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