September 9, 2020

8:15am – 8:20am

Welcome Remarks

8:20am – 8:28am

Industry Fireside Chat

Gen. Frank Gorenc,
Executive Advisor, General Atomics Aeronautical

8:31am – 9:09am

Panel Discussion

Securing Europe: NATO and Allied Defense Priorities Across Multiple Domains
From naval programs in the U.K. as well as mainland Europe, to dueling alliances for next-gen fighter development, bold defense investments proliferate among NATO allies – contributing to a 5 percent increase by Europe in military spending in 2019. This panel will look at the priority investments among NATO allies, how different nations are aligning to leverage budgets and industrial capabilities in air, land, sea and space, and the threat landscape influencing decision making.

Camille Grand,
Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment, NATO 

Gregory M. Kausner
Executive Director, International Cooperation OUSD(A&S) 

Dr. Karl-Heinz Kamp,
Special Envoy of the Political Director, German Ministry of Defense

9:12am – 9:20am

Industry Fireside Chat

Rich Aves,
Executive Vice President and Market Leader, Space and Geospatial Systems,

9:23am – 9:53am

Panel Discussion

Military Space: Leveraging the Final Frontier

The emergence of an official Space Force in December 2019 paved the road for what will increasingly become the most contested domain of warfare. Satellite communications and anti satellite capabilities, as well as new ‘space weapons,’ are all increasingly critical to military development among the US and allies – as well as adversaries. This panel will examine the latest in priorities for investment in the space domain, and how a new command, with industry, the Air Force, and the other defense services, will work cooperatively to enable space Dominance.

Maj. Gen. William Liquori,
Director of Strategic Requirements, Architectures and Analysis, Headquarters United States Space Force

9:57am – 10:35am

Panel Discussion

Rethinking Conflict at Sea

Near-peer adversaries are exploiting blind spots and using non-traditional approaches to counter previously traditional strategies. Perhaps nowhere is this challenge more acute than in the naval domain. What can the United States and its allies do to combat grey zone threats and advances in seas across the world? How should militaries rethink their investments in platforms, hardware and IT and finally, how could these investments and change in strategy lead to advantages in the future?

Lt. Gen. Michael Plehn,
Military Deputy Commander, U.S. Southern Command

Adm. (Ret.) Paul Zukunft
U.S. Coast Guard

Rear Adm. (Ret.) Simon Williams,
Chairman, Clarion Defence and Security

10:38am – 11:08am

Keynote Fireside Chat

Rep. William “Mac” Thornberry,
Ranking Member, House Armed Services Committee (R-TX)

11:10am – 11:30am

Keynote Fireside Chat

The Hon. Ellen M. Lord,
Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, DoD

11:30am – 11:35am

Day 1 Closing Remarks 

September 10, 2020

8:25am – 8:30am

Welcome Remarks

8:30am – 8:38am

Industry Fireside Chat

Keith Flail
Executive Vice President, Advanced Vertical Lift Systems, Bell

8:41am – 9:11am

Panel Discussion

Global Aerospace Competitions: A Look at Warfare in the 21st Century

While the U.S. military and some allies are pondering the best approach to air dominance, others are moving forward with ambitious acquisition plans. Teams throughout Europe are looking at the best way to move forward on next-gen future combat aircraft. Advanced unmanned technologies and other next-gen systems also open up new possibilities for what warfighters need, and how industry can deliver these new and unconventional capabilities. This panel will explore emerging requirements in the United States and its allies, and what to expect in the air domain of tomorrow.

Brig. Gen. Walter T. Rugen,
Director Future Vertical Lift Cross Functional Team, U.S. Army Futures Command

Heidi H. Grant,
Director, Defense Security Cooperation Agency

9:14am – 9:22am

Industry Fireside Chat

Dr. Tim Barton,
Dynetics Group CTO, Leidos

9:25am – 9:55am

Panel Discussion

The Next Phase of Modernization Tactics and Strategies for the DOD

From prototyping efforts from the Army Futures Command to experiments and rapid development tactics at the Air Force, new approaches to modernization are taking shape across the Department of Defense to leverage the best of what industry has to offer and ensure advanced technologies can filter more quickly to the war fighter. This panel will examine some of the most ambitious modernization efforts underway by the services – not only in terms of the promised capabilities, but the methods used to get there.

Gen John M. Murray,
Commanding General, U.S. Army Futures Command 

Lt. Gen. Clinton Hinote,
Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategy, Integration and Requirements, Headquarters, U.S. Air Force

9:58am – 10:06am

Industry Fireside Chat

Kenn Todorov,
(Brig. Gen., USAF, Ret.; Former Deputy Director, Missile Defense Authority),
Vice President and General Manager, Combat Systems and Mission Readiness,
Northrop Grumman

10:09am – 10:39am

Panel Discussion

Missile Defense 2030: Balancing Today’s Needs with Tomorrow’s Demands

Perhaps no segment of defense is quite as globally entwined as missile defense, with threats posed by the most aggressive of adversaries driving investment decisions across domains by the U.S. and Europe, and all but demanding system integration allies and industry players. And yet there have been fits and starts as allies try to decide what takes precedent – investment in modernization of traditional missile defense capabilities, or investment in future tech to not just keep pace but outmatch advancements happening in North Korea, Russia and China. This panel will examine that very dynamic – the balancing of today’s requirements against tomorrow’s demands – and how the U.S. and allies are sharing the burden of one of the most critical pillars of global security.

The Hon. James Anderson,
Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Department of Defense 

Vice Adm. Jon Hill,
Director, Missile Defense Agency, Department of Defense 

LTG Daniel Karbler,
Commanding General, USASMDC 

10:42am – 10:50am

Industry Fireside Chat

Junaid Islam,
Director of Public Sector Solutions, Verizon

10:53am – 11:23am

Panel Discussion

Near Peer Competition: Addressing Advancements in AI, Unmanned and Other Next-gen Technologies

The battle is on: As China and Russia continue to advance their capabilities in artificial intelligence, unmanned technologies, and other next-gen technologies that will shape the future battlefield, the U.S. and allies are prioritizing investments and tactics to remain ahead. Who will dominate? And how can democracies of the west excel against totalitarian governments that wield more control over commercial development? This panel will examine the state of play for the most critical and advanced technologies of modern warfare.

Dr. Mark J. Lewis,
Acting DUSD(R&E) and Director of Defense Research and Engineering for Modernization, U.S. Department of Defense

Michael Brown,
Director of the Defense Innovation Unit, U.S. Department of Defense

11:26am – 11:56am

Keynote Fireside Chat

The Hon. David Norquist,
Deputy Secretary of Defense, DoD

11:56am – 12:01pm

Closing Remarks


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